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Estimate/Installation Process

Project lay-out

Bring detailed drawings of your project.  Measurements and appliances must be noted.  A cabinet layout is also very helpful if available.  Please feel free to contact us at 330-715-2795 if additional clarifications are needed

Marble table

Stone selection

If no selection has already been made, we encourage all our customers to visit the suppliers and view the available stocks. Gemma Granite & Quartz can provide referral cards for locations in the area.  When visiting the suppliers, it is very helpful to have a tile matching the floor, a cabinet door, wallpaper sample, or any other items that may be helpful determining the color tone and/or the pattern of desired slab.


An appointment will be scheduled to have our team come on site to take final measurements or template the project.  Need to make sure the following requirements are met prior to template:

·           all cabinets/woodwork are installed

·           all sinks and appliances needed for the project are present on site

·           designated decision maker adult is present on site for details review and approval

·           all pets are safely secured while our crew is on the premises

·           all areas needed to be template are free of any accessories

Granite surfaces


the installation turnaround time will be established and agreed upon signing the contract.  If countertops removal is also contracted our crew will remove the specified counters on the same day.  The entire process is typically completed within one day. Certain exceptions such as but not limited to include full-height backsplashes, fireplaces, waterfalls, items added on the contract after the initial sign off, larger projects.  All areas worked on must be free of any accessories.  The plumbing must be disconnected prior to our crew’s arrival on site.


Gemma Granite & Quartz does not reconnect the plumbing after the installation of new sink(s) and faucet(s).  

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